Currently, in big cities, many high-rise buildings have sprung up, to serve the demand of office rental companies. Most buildings use tempered glass panels to decorate their homes to be more luxurious and comfortable.These tempered glass panels are used for a long time, can not avoid dirt, stains. on the glass surface for cleaning is difficult to clean. Today’s article, Nam An Phat Trading and Service Co., Ltd will share with you how to clean the glass of tall buildings effectively and safely. Let’s refer together.

Glass cleaning tools for high-rise buildings

Before learning how to clean the glass of a tall building, an important issue that cannot be ignored is to find out the tools necessary to perform this job effectively and securely.

  • The first tool that is indispensable when cleaning the glass of a high-rise building is protective equipment such as ladder, safety rope, swing rope, …
  • Latex gloves are meant to protect your hands when using harmful chemicals and cleaning solutions that can affect your health.
  • Prepare a clean, soft, and dry towel to make sure the surface of the glass is cleaned without scratches and hairs.
  • Glass cleaning for tall buildings also requires glass razors.
  • Regardless of how to clean the glass of tall buildings, water, buckets of water and cleaning chemicals are used in cleaning glass and mirrors.

Preparing all the necessary tools that we mentioned above is the first step in how to clean the glass of high-rise buildings effectively.

How to clean the glass of tall buildings to ensure efficiency and safety

Glass door cleaning is an important part to maintain the beauty of the house. Especially for office buildings, high-rise apartment buildings. However, how to effectively clean glass for tall buildings is still a problem. Here is the most basic way to clean glass for tall buildings to help you clean part of the glass. But the best thing is to hire professional cleaning services!

Step 1: Prepare

To perform the glass cleaning of buildings requires adequate preparation to ensure safety for themselves and people around as well as achieve the highest work efficiency.

  • Prepare all the cleaning tools as we outlined above.
  • A danger sign should be placed if it is harmful to and dangerous to others.
  • Need to move furniture or cover underneath.
  • Check protective equipment such as ropes, ladders to ensure the safety of people who perform the exterior glass door cleaning.

Step 2: Clean the glass surface and the glass frame roughly

On the glass frames and on the glass surface, there are often glue stains, paint stains … difficult to clean and clean. Therefore, how to clean the glass of a high-rise effectively, first of all, you need to use a razor to remove and remove these stains.


Step 3: Clean the glass frame

The glass frame with the characteristics of the material and the angle makes the dirt easy to stick and gather many bacteria. Therefore, you need to use specialized chemicals when cleaning the glass frame. It should also be noted that you should perform cleaning the glass frame in front of the glass to ensure that both are clean to avoid cleaning again. Cleaning the glass frame needs to mix chemicals in an appropriate ratio and use a brush and towel to wipe dust from the glass frame.

Step 4: Clean the glass

Glass is considered an important and image part of high-rise buildings. Therefore, this is the main step and needs the most attention in cleaning glass of tall buildings.

  • Clean the glass with specialized cleaning solutions and detergents.
  • Dip a towel or glass cleaner in the detergent and clean the glass from the top down in a steep direction.
  • Use a special glass wiper to clean the surface of the glass. But note that the use of the glass wiper must be uniform in the way of wiping, the direction of wiper to ensure the glass is completely clean. Usually, there will be ways to push the horizontal, vertical, pull the chain from above and put the right angle. At the same time, you must always keep the blade against the glass to remove dust and dirt on the glass.
  • The blade should be wiped dry after each stroke to ensure the blade stays clean.
  • Use a dry cloth to clean the edges of the glass frame and the edges of the glass.

Step 5: Finish cleaning the glass

After completing the above steps, check and verify that the glass is clean as required. At the end of this job you need to remove the canvas and move the furniture back to the original position before you proceed to wipe the glass.

Above is the most effective and time-saving way to clean the glass of high-rise buildings that Nam An Phat Trading Services Co., Ltd. wants to share with you. However, cleaning glass of high-rise buildings is not an easy day even when you have mastered the above skills. Therefore, to limit unintentional incidents caused by lack of experience and necessary protective equipment, it is best to ask the help of cleaning service companies.

Coming to Nam An Phat, you will receive the best services, all staff here are certified on high occupational safety, and equipped with professional skills will ensure the best performance. assigned work.

We are committed to always put customer satisfaction first and develop long-term thanks to your support.




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