If you are too busy, your company needs periodic cleaning, or you are the contractors looking for a professional cleaning unit. Nam An Phat Industrial Hygiene will change the messy, dirty space and pathogenic bacteria into a green, clean and fresh space with a team of professional, experienced and dedicated staff. Using high-end specialized machinery, we are committed to bringing you absolute satisfaction.

Today, in large buildings, glass is used for the purpose of capturing natural light, as well as creating a more luxurious and modern beauty for the space. But because of environmental factors as well as external influences make them often stained and degraded. In order to serve and bring customers the best options, this is also the reason why NAM AN PHAT launched a specialized glass cleaning service – high floor.

The process of cleaning glasses:

  • Handling glass glass: After rough treatment, we will use normal glass spray to spray, use glass wiper to clean it. The cleaning of the glass is similar to other cleaning jobs that is cleaning from top to bottom, dividing each glass panel to clean according to the handle and wiping the glass to ensure the most effective work.
  • Raw glass treatment: For clean and not-so-clean glass, you will have to go through this process to avoid errors. Specifically as follows: Will clean large stains, paint stains, glue, dirt in large form 1 time, leaving only normal glass so that the fine processing becomes the cleanest and most thorough.
  • This also includes cleaning and sanitizing the interior and exterior of the glass.
  • The outside: The outer glass is the place directly exposed to the environment, rain, wind, dust, … Therefore, they are often very dirty and degraded very quickly. However, with high-rise buildings due to specific factors such as slippery and slopes, cleaning will also be more difficult. Therefore, ensuring specialized tools to ensure occupational safety is also extremely necessary. Tools such as wire, cleaning cart will also be prepared and passed a periodic inspection process. The staff performing this work is also well trained and in good health. Of course, don’t be afraid of heights. Chemical to remove molds, fish scales are used with appropriate doses. After that, we will use the glass wiper to remove any clinging water. Finally check and dry with a towel.
  • The inside: With the characteristics of cleaning glass indoors or glass close to the ground, the glass cleaning job is easier and most of the staff after training for 1 month or more can master the cleaning. The advantage of cleaning the inner glass from us is that we can clean thousands of square meters of glass within 1 day in the cleanest and most professional way, ensuring the time and progress of your other works.

Post-construction cleaning is actually a phrase describing the cleaning and cleaning work after the construction and repair process. This is considered a rather time-consuming and arduous job because it includes many stages such as removing cement stains on the brick floor, painting on walls, garbage, broken bricks during construction,…. That is also the reason the post-construction cleaning service in Nam An Phat was born to support and help customers to deal with those worries.

The conduct of cleaning, cleaning the house as well as the building will make the overview cleaner and cooler. In addition, after completing the work of bricks and stones, scattered screws will endanger the user. Especially with the spaces with mischievous children. This job will also clean up the dirt that is still lingering around every corner, making it easy to clean the house in the future. It also includes many steps such as how to remove white cement on the brick floor, cleaning the floor after construction. In addition, using the service with many ways to remove double-sided tapes on the wall will make us have a new, more decent place. “The house is clean, it’s cool, the bowl is clean and delicious”. A clean and decent place will always help our mind to be more relaxed and light, right?

  • Company (office, factory, warehouse …)
  • High-end apartments, apartments
  • Residential housing
  • Garden villas
  • Restaurants, hotels, homestays, resorts

For a long time, the water tank is the place that provides all of the water for all production activities to the daily life of the factory, so the water tank is often very large and large, if it is not cleaned periodically, it can accumulate dirt or growing green moss and moss and pathogenic microorganisms will live in the water, seriously affecting the sanitation of domestic water for that plant. So we have provided cleaning services for industrial parks factory water, whether it is domestic or production water, including bundled service packages such as: new construction, industrial cleaning and maintenance issues. failure and deterioration of the water tank and notify the plant. Simply after receiving your call, the company staff will come to survey and quote and schedule the cleaning.

Some of our water tank cleaning service packages are:

  • Cleaning and cleaning the water tank factory
  • Receive installation, repair of water supply and drainage factory
  • Repairing and installing new sanitary wares, toilets, bathtubs and hot and cold water baths
  • Construction of factory water tank without volume limit of m3

NAM AN PHAT provides ship cleaning services, ship bottom cleaning, cleaning and preserving machinery after water intrusion, cleaning ship surfaces, cleaning hoppers and hulls, canoes – barge boats – wharves. We with a team of longtime skilled staff, working professionally will help you to handle all problems of cleaning boats, canoes – barges – wharves. As one of the professional and reputable providers of boat cleaning services for canoes – barges – wharves, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, always looking forward to the night. give customers the best service. The cleaning tools and chemicals used have all been tested, have quality assurance, and are not harmful to the equipment and the surrounding environment.

  • Carpet, mattress, and sofa cleaning: Currently, carpets or decorative rugs are used for many different purposes. In addition, their sizes are also quite varied. So how long should it take to clean? What is the benefit of this? Whether at the company office, hotel or at home, cleaning them will depend on usage. If there is a lot of traffic and the carpet is light in color, you should wash carpets, mattresses, and sofas once a month. Similarly, if it is less than every 2-3 months, likewise washing sofas, mattresses and floor scrubbing should be done periodically. NAM AN PHAT uses specialized chemicals and is friendly with the environment. The chemicals are all registered with the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for safety when used, and perform hygiene with good and intelligent procedures to maximize the working performance of machines and equipment. Human chemical experience has been drawn from the real-world experiences of partners, suppliers, and projects that have taken place.
  • Housework by hour according to the time frame: Customers register when demand arises. The work includes: House cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and child care support.




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Our country's economy is developing day by day, sales offices appear more and more in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau City. This leads to an increasing demand for office cleaning [...]