Insecticidal Service is a service that uses physical and chemical methods to deal with the infestation of harmful insects appearing in the living and working environment of humans. Insects are organisms that pose a serious danger to your health and property. Organisms such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents carry many different diseases and easily infect loved ones in the home, so it is most important and urgent to kill them and keep them away from your home.

Killing termites and insects is always the “endless war” of many people and families. Because in fact, no matter how clean you are, or how much is isolated from the external environment, you can easily “face” with these harmful insects. Therefore, at that time, you really need to find a reputable termite and insect killer service, choosing NAM AN PHAT is a smart decision.

Moving house, moving office is one of the jobs that need health and care. The staff at NAM AN PHAT with many years of experience and well-trained always fulfill all tasks.

Reasonable construction methods thus save costs, reduce construction costs and time. A team of experienced technicians, professionally packing, dismantling and unloading cabinets, tables, chairs, electronic equipment, refrigeration, … always ensure the quality of the work to be completed in the best way. After receiving the customer call, the company staff will come to survey. Approximately 30 to 45 minutes staff will be present at the address provided and plan transportation. When the customer agrees, it will sign the contract and perform the service. NAM AN PHAT always tries to help customers deliver packages quickly, safely with the most economical cost possible!




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Our country's economy is developing day by day, sales offices appear more and more in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau City. This leads to an increasing demand for office cleaning [...]