The industrial sanitation industry has become too familiar in modern life, especially in big cities. With the introduction of the industrial cleaning industry and the professional support of industrial cleaning machines to help clean the home space quickly, save time and energy for people. So what types of industrial cleaning machines are currently used most in the industrial cleaning industry? The effect of these types of equipment and machinery like?

To ensure a clean, cool and modern working environment. With the mode of providing services to sell or rent industrial cleaning machines, with reasonable prices, specializes in supplying, repairing and leasing industrial cleaning machines and equipment such as vacuum cleaners, machines single floor scrubber, combined floor scrubber, floor polishing machine, concrete floor grinder, concrete floor polishing machine, combine grinding machine, concrete floor polishing machine, vacuum cleaner, water vacuum, carpet washing machine ,… NAM AN PHAT is always ready to meet all the needs of our customers.

To meet the increasing demand of customers for industrial hygiene, NAM AN PHAT Company is providing chemical products for industrial cleaning cleaning. Our company’s products meet all needs of cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of projects such as houses, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, factories. and industrial zones,… We would like to send you a list of our company’s products.

With the motto “Safety first”, we always set the most important goal in our business is always towards the safety of the individual users and individual employees. In order to follow the set goals and motto, we always choose to invest in quality and safe products and products. In addition to the line of Labor Protection products imported from prestigious brands from Europe, America, Asia, we also provide domestically produced items to meet the needs of customers from to the needs of small individual customers to ensure the safety of human resources of companies and businesses operating in fields such as oil and gas, construction, food production, paper, steel,…

Human resources are always the most valuable asset of an enterprise, protecting human resources also means protecting the success and development of that enterprise. Understanding that, NAM AN PHAT – with all our efforts and enthusiasm, we always want to accompany each employee, with the business to contribute a small part to the protection. the life of each people, with the development, endurance, and prosperity of businesses.




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Our country's economy is developing day by day, sales offices appear more and more in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau City. This leads to an increasing demand for office cleaning [...]